Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How To Get Published in The Solo Travel Daily

About a month (update: YEAR) ago, I started a Paper.li publication based on solo travel and here it is:


I could be biased, but I do recommend subscribing to it because there are such amazing travel-related articles being written daily! I have been really pleasantly surprised by the amount of great travel tips and informative articles that pop up in it. I've also been able to find lots of like-minded travel Tweeps in a fun way.

If you're into travel, especially solo travel, reading it is a great way to get inspired and start planning your next adventure.

If you're a travel blogger, just make sure to tag your tweets about your posts using #travel or #solotravel to make sure it gets picked up in the paper. It gets published every morning by 11:45EST, so make sure to send your tweets out the night before or in the early morning.

Happy travels and happy reading!

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