Friday, June 17, 2011

The Passport Party Project

I just got introduced to The Passport Party Project on my Twitter feed and you can find them on Facebook here.

Not being American, I didn't realize that only 30% Americans actually have a passport! (As of 2009, 56% of Canadians have a passport)

That's shocking to me, but The Passport Party Project aims to fix that and in a demographic close to my heart: young women.

Travel is some of the best education - it's powerful and can kill ignorance and racism. It opens your mind and more people need to do it. I think this is a wonderful initiative and I welcome any of those young ladies space to write a guest post here about their solo woman travels!
Happy Travels, Ladies!


NiaG said...

I took my first solo trip last year to the Dominican Republic. It felt scary at times but was no big deal in the end. People are people no matter where you go. You have more nice and welcoming than harsh and rude from my experience in traveling alone or with friends.

My next trip will be next month to Cabo San Lucas. I'm super excited by just being there alone and free. First stop will be the grocery store. Buy enough for the week and then kick back and enjoy the beach, environment and locals.

VacayGirl said...

Wow! That's interesting about how many Americans have a passport. Sad really. That's why so many Americans are so ignorant about other cultures. They have no idea how others live.

And you're right it's an indescribable feeling to get your passport. I remember getting mine and just feeling empowered. Knowing I can go anywhere.