Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sometimes You Have to Pay to Be Alone

Ever since the birth of my son, I've been waiting for the day I could have a weekend to sleep alone, undisturbed. It was my birthday this weekend, so I took my first opportunity in two years to be ALL ALONE.

I got a deal for Le St.Sulpice hotel from SniqueAway. Just a note, this is my second time using SniqueAway and I'm really impressed with them so far. Booking has been easy and the hotels have been top notch!

In this case, the name is really apt, as I really felt like I was sneaking away. I told my childless friend about what I was doing and he laughed, "oh yeah, I forgot, when you have kids you have to pay to be alone!" So don't take those moments of quiet for granted, people! Just because you see someone traveling alone, it doesn't mean they're lonely.

                                     Lots of space for me to stretch out, ALONE!

I got a deluxe suite - it had a closed bedroom and a kitchenette. I took a quiet and relaxing bath (forgot to take a picture of it!), read some magazines and did my nails. I was on the second floor and it being a Saturday night in Montreal meant there was quite a bit of street noise coming in, but that didn't bother me. 

I found free parking on the street (otherwise valet would have been $28/night and they warn of a 30 minute wait to retrieve your vehicle, ouch!). It's in a great location in the Vieux-Port though - north of de la Commune (the main street that runs along the St. Lawrence in the Old Port) and just south of the Notre-Dame Basilica

                                          My big empty, but not lonely bed.

My bedroom was totally closed off and away from any windows, so there was hardly any noise and it was pitch black, just the way I like to sleep. I'll admit, I still wondered about how my little guy was doing without me, but in the end, it was totally worth it to pay to get away. I'm a more refreshed mommy and I can't wait til he's a bit older and I can get away by myself for at least a week to do more solo traveling

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Vacay Girl said...

I have no children and currently no boyfriend but I know the feeling of wanting to be alone. I'm an only child and it comes easily for me to do so.