Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#CrazyBad Beijing Air Experienced First Hand

Now I don't like to speak ill of places I visit. Obviously, we're all going to like some places more than others. There were many things I liked about Beijing and Tianjin - the food was awesome, the people were nice, the Engrish was hilarious, the architecture was cool, the speed trains and subways were comfortable, the drivers were badass and I felt very safe.

But one thing that didn't feel so safe was the now infamous #crazybad air. It was bad in Tianjin as well, but worse in Beijing, I think. Hard to say because ALL my pictures came out with a nasty smog haze cloud in them, and it had nothing to do with my photography skills or my camera.
That's just not right!

If it did that to my pics, I can only imagine it took a year off my lung's useful lifespan!

I'm saying this, not because I didn't like those cities or those people, and not to discourage people to visit, but because before I experienced it, I simply could not fathom that it could be THAT BAD.

Look, Montreal has smoggy days in the summer now and then and they tell people to stay inside. I've seen it. I've had problems breathing in it even.
I've visited NYC and I've seen their smog. But you know what? NYC ain't got nothing on Beijing! I didn't want to believe it was possible, but it is. My brain didn't have the capacity to understand the badness. I brought masks, yes, I was prepared, but I didn't wear them because I was STILL in denial while there.

I now regret not wearing masks outside because I ended up with a smoker's cough for the time I was there. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

china crazybad air pollution by
Both of these pics are from Tianjin...on a bright sunny day! lol

china crazybad pollution haze by
While trying not to choke on the air, don't fall asleep at the wheel

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