Thursday, August 1, 2013

What's This City Like?

I've often come up with colourful descriptions of cities for those who haven't been so they can get an idea of what it's like. I love to land in a new place and feel the vibe: What are the people like? What is the energy in the city? Are people laid back or rushing around? Are they stylish or don't care about appearances?
There's a lot you can take in based on just how people are conducting themselves.

I realize this might end up being a controversial post, but hopefully you'll also get a laugh.

This is how I describe some places I've been:

Las Vegas:  It's like a really weird acid trip or bad dream. It's kind of like someone picked up a piece of NYC and stuck it in the desert, then replaced all the cool people with dazed, drunk and glossy-eyed people.

Montreal: (this one came from Kelly Edwards) It's like Chicago and NYC had a baby and Europe is the auntie. (I agree!)

Marrakesh: It's like NYC on speed.

NYC: Artsy, electric, eccentric, fast.

Paris: Paris embodies love - love of life, architecture, food, style, everything.

Tokyo: Organized crowds with class and refinement.

Beijing: Pollution and chaos with amazing food.

I could add more, but I'm curious to see what you think or what you'd like to add to the list.
I'll update it if we get some really good ones.

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