Saturday, April 21, 2012

Journey to the Middle of Nowhere

Can you really call yourself a travel blogger unless you've gone to some remote destination no one else wants to go? Well, I've already been to Yemen and I thought that was pretty hardcore, but I think my next destination might top that.

Where am I going in June?

Cold Lake, Alberta

Does anyone willingly go there? What does one do there exactly?

In my case, my best friend's husband is in the army and they've been posted there for the last six years. It feels like forever and it seems like she's on the other end of the Earth. When I think of Cold Lake, I think of this image: Nowhere, Canada (which interestingly, is a Canadian site. We seem to have a lot of desolation in this country).

I missed the birth of her first child, being pregnant myself at the time. Now I'm not pregnant. Now I have no more excuses not to go. Her second child is due and I'm going to be there this time, come what may. I am determined!

I'd be lying if the trip doesn't sound daunting though. Four hours on a plane (if all goes on time) and another three and a half hours of driving from Edmonton. A two-hour time difference. Think of the jetlag. Think of the culture shock! What will I eat? I don't think Cold Lake is in the Lonely Planet guide to Canada. I'll have to bring a survival kit.

What has been your most remote travel destination? Any tips for me? Help! 

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