Thursday, March 8, 2012

How Lonely Is Too Lonely?

A big concern and topic of conversation when it comes to solo travel is loneliness. There are countless blog posts about how to combat loneliness, how to make friends, how to appear less lonely (because it's not only off-putting, but can make you more vulnerable) or how to deal with loneliness when it strikes. A lot of people are hesistant to even attempt a solo trip because they're so terrified of being lonely!

Think about it, one of the biggest publishers of travel guides is called Lonely Planet! There's no denying travel can get lonely.

Turns out this fear might not be so unwarranted. According to this recent study, we're hardwired to not want to be isolated because loneliness can kill us over time.

Knowing that now, does it make you more reluctant to travel on your own?

For me, it was never really a concern, so I wonder if I'm missing something biologically. Maybe solo travelers have a defect? Either that or there are degrees of loneliness and isolation, and what can be too isolating and lonely for one person might feel like a loud party to another. What do you think?

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Vacay Girl said...

It just depends on who you are as a person I guess. I had a co-worker the other day ask me how I do it? And I'm like, do what? I laugh at home alone, I have deep convos with myself alone and I'm comfortable being alone. But she couldn't imagine being alone. She felt that she has to have someone around. So that brought the question to me. What are they missing? Are they so uncomfortable with themselves that they have to have others around them? Whatever it is that makes us able to be okay with being alone is the same thing makes a person think that they have to be surrounded by people. Neither is right or wrong. It's just a trait that some do/don't possess. I am never alone as long as they're are people on the planet. No one truly is. Some just handle it better than others.