Monday, October 1, 2012

Travel Napping

I saw this product on today and it just cracked me up. It's called an Ostrich Pillow and you use it to nap in public.

Maybe people are more likely to stay away from weirdos with alien heads?

Hey, I know a third of people travel with teddy bears, so it's not all that far-fetched. The difference is your average adult doesn't take the teddy out in public and cuddle up. With this silly-looking pillow, you're actually attracting attention to yourself, essentially screaming, "I'm not aware of my surroundings, not watching my luggage and I certainly can't react quickly with this stupid thing on my head! Come, rob me, take my stuff!"

Not only that, but it looks HUGE. Not exactly light for travel unless you use it as your main pillow at your destination, but even then, it has limited use. There's no neck support for sleeping upright. I think they'd need to add an inflatable neck bit. Then it just gets weirder! 


Cyn said...

I'm 33 and my teddy bear goes on airplanes with me. Half the people smile when they see me, the other half smirk.

Kelly @OneQuarterMama said...

:) well at least it doesn't interfere with your safety

Les Brains said...

Hi grreat reading your blog