Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not So Solo Travel?

I recently read an article about a Travelodge survey that says 35% of British adults still sleep with a teddy. Not only that, they bring it with them to hotels, on business trips and the like. I'm really surprised because I didn't think adults slept with teddies, but when I think about it, well why not? It's harmless.

Since I'm a person who tries to travel light and wants to bring the LEAST amount of stuff possible, I can't imagine doing such a thing. My most essential item for travel aside from my passport is a toothbrush. Oh and a sleep mask. And maybe lip balm. And gum. Ok, but those are small and that's it. The rest can be dealt with.

So do you travel with a teddy or other comfort object?


Vacay Girl said...

No teddy, sorry, no. :0) I make sure I have my blankey with me though. But it's primarily for temperature purposes. But I have kinda found it comforting to have with me if I have a chill in my room. I'm reminded of home when I put it over me. It's kind of like a puppy having something with it's owner's sent on it.

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laura said...

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