Saturday, January 19, 2013

Immersion Water Heaters Are Not Just for Tea and Coffee

Here's what it looks like:

If you've never seen one before, either you weren't raised by an army dad, like I was, or I'm showing my age. Oh dear! You don't see them much anymore, but can still buy them from Amazon here.I'm hoping with this post, they're come back in style because when it comes to travel, they are handy little gadgets!

Why do I like them so much? Well, they're fast, first of all. If you need a cup of hot water in a jiffy, they do the job faster than a kettle. While I've seen some adorable little travel kettles and most hotel rooms have a coffee maker in them, sometimes you don't want to even touch the coffee maker in the room without gloves and bleach. This thing is compact and easy to travel with, so why bother with anything else?

Also, believe it or not, but you can boil an egg or pasta using an electric immersion water heater (you'll also need to a ceramic mug or bowl to do the job - don't use a styrofoam cup!) Think of anything that can be boiled - tea, coffee, hot dogs, stew, soups, porridge - there are tons of cheap and easy meals that can be made in the comfort of your hotel/hostel room while travelling. This will save you tons of money.

If you need more cooking tips or just want a laugh, check out my first on-screen performance as The Real Iron Chef:

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Rose Winslet said...

They also have a
deal where they will give you a free gift if you find the same heater
anywhere else at a cheaper price. The site doesn't state what the free
gift is other than it being a $10 value to you