Monday, February 18, 2013

One Woman, Three Currencies and 10 Days

uh, I *think* I made a reservation for this place:
Not sure because the site was all in Japanese and didn't ask for a credit card, as far as I can tell. I don't know what the hell is going on half the time. Not sure if I booked a hotel or if I'm trying to sleep in an Apple Store.

It's only $10 more than the hostel (which is all booked now!) and I feel that I need the capsule experience in order to truly appreciate Japan.

I decided to skip the breakfast rate after reading this description:

the bread chunks with coffee and drip authentic, "and Motchiri" "plump" 
original used ♪ Please Come savor toast ○ ○ contents breakfast -drink (all eight species. blended coffee, and orange juice) , green salad (you can choose from a type. 3 pizza toast, tuna onion toast, bacon and eggs toast) Toast

They have toast I take it? And I can drink all eight species!

I have all nights booked now except for one because I haven't decided if I will spend it in Tokyo or Kyoto. It will depend on a mix of Dfly and how much I like Tokyo after one night. I am presuming we can wing this and not end up sleeping in a subway.

So now my trip goes like this:

Montreal-Toronto-Beijing-Tianjin-Great Wall-Beijing-Tokyo-Kyoto-Kurama-Kyoto-Osaka-Seoul-Narita-Toronto-Montreal
10 days of insanity and adventure!

I got my visa pic taken at the CAA and spent way too much time and money there. I bought 2 pairs of those high-tech undies. I know, undies don't take up a lot of space, but any little bit helps these days. I just can't and won't do the 30lbs backpack mistake again. It's minimal all the way now! I think maybe 3 shirts, 1 jacket, 2 pants and maybe a change of shoes. I bought a fancy hanging toiletries bag also. My fancy high-tech travel towel fits in it, so that's all that really matters. I checked and can get all my liquids in those stupid TSA baggies, so all should be good. I might go back and buy a special anti-theft over-the-shoulder bag.

Still looking for a door stop alarm and inflatable hangers at a reasonable price.

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